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Look Wei Kuan

"I have full confidence in the BodyKey Weight Management Programme, and I believe that it will definitely “Unlock a New You” if you follow it."

Being called “fat” is not peculiar in my family, because more than half of my relatives are overweight. I started putting on weight since I was 10 years old, and my waistline ballooned to 32 inches at the age of 12. I was a dessert and high carbohydrate food lover. My unhealthy eating habits were largely due to the influence of my family environment. These are the main factors contributing to my weight gain problem. I was easily tired and fatigued and thus unable to exercise, I felt depressed as I could not fit into many of my clothes.

I have tried several slimming methods. One of the methods encouraged me to take weight-loss diet powder only and abstain from more than 80% of food types. I had reduced 7 kg within 2 months, but my weight bounced back, and within a month and I gained a whopping 9 kg!

My weight hit 87 kg after I delivered my three kids, which was 25 kg more than my ideal weight. During that period, my waistline was 102 cm, and my body fat percentage was 42%. My friends recommended me to sign up for treatment packages from slimming centres, and it cost me thousands! I suffered through the vigorous vibration of the slimming machines and the discomfort of applying slimming chili oil and body wraps. Nevertheless, I was really disappointed. The results from my full treatment sessions were not significant, I only managed to lose 3 kg; with my waistline reducing by only 2 cm.

Before joining the BodyKey by NUTRILITE Weight Management Programme, my weight was 78 kg and waistline was 93 cm. I had confidence in the BodyKey programme because it is personalised and tailored to each individual. Based on the results of my BodyKey Personalised Assessment, I now understand that a low-carbohydrate diet with more structured exercise and general daily movement are effective ways for me to manage my weight – this was a challenge to me! The Bodykey assessment also indicated that I needed to adopt a low-carbohydrate lifestyle and consume a variety of fruits and vegetables.

The InBodyBAND is stylish, and it acts as my personal coach 24 hours a day. It tracks my daily exercise and body composition, monitors my heart rate and the best part is that it also monitors my sleeping pattern and quality! The BodyKey App manages my daily meals to ensure my actual food consumption does not exceed my target calorie intake.

I transformed into a “new” me after two months on the BodyKey programme. I have lost a total of 6 kg and my waistline has reduced by 13 cm. My basal metabolic rate has improved, and my muscle mass increased. I am impressed with the results. I feel much younger, look much fitter, and my skin is much better. I have full confidence in the BodyKey Weight Management Programme, and I believe that it will definitely “Unlock a New You” if you follow it.

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