Mohd Hilna Bin Mohd Bajuri


Mohd Hilna Mohd Bajuri

"BodyKey Weight Management Programme has not only improved my health but has also helped me adopt a healthier eating plan and good exercise habits. My clothing size has gone down and I even have to buy new pants now! This is all thanks to BodyKey by NUTRILITE.”

I wanted to start losing weight largely due to my health problems as I had the early onset of high blood sugar and high blood pressure. I also started to notice that my shirts and pants were not fitting right. Therefore, I decided to lose weight to regain my health. 

The result of my BodyKey Personal Assessment indicated changes that I needed to make to achieve my weight-management goals. 

  1. I needed to adopt a low-carbohydrate lifestyle, such as avoiding refined grains and staying away from sweet drinks.
  2. I needed more structured exercise.
  3. I needed to get enough sleep, as my sleeping hours averaged less than 5 hours a night. 

First step:
I shared my plan with my family members and helped them understand my intentions to lose weight in order to get their support and cooperation. So that they too could be ready for the changes that I would embrace, such as:

  1. Healthy eating plan
  2. Daily exercise routine

Second step:
I had no time to go to the gym, but I could still be physically active by means that were accessible to me. 

Overcoming the challenge of doing exercise: 

  1. I set aside time for exercise so as to reach my Personal Activity Goal. I shortened my lunch break and used some of my rest time to work out. I also followed the exercise guides in the BodyKey App in between attending to patients. My InBodyBAND would vibrate and display the word “move” to nudge me into getting up when I have been inactive for a period of time.

  2. It was challenging to reach my Personal Activity Goal for the first three days. Nevertheless, I did not give up and increased my step count from 5,000 steps to 8,000 steps to 10,000 steps; to 150,00 steps and finally reaching 20,000 steps! This was something which I never expected. The InBodyBAND helped me to keep track my step count, and the total step count which was displayed on the screen motivated and reminded me to achieve my Personal Activity Goal. It would also notify me by vibrating to congratulate me on days when I reached the 10,000 step mark. 

My results after 60 days:
Weight loss 6 kg, and waistline reduced by 9 cm. 
I also dropped one clothing size and have to get a new pants!

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