Ramesh A/L Gunasekaran


Ramesh A/L Gunasekaran

“I am amazed by my transformation after going on the BodyKey Weight Management Programme. Knowing your lifestyle barriers to weight loss is important. With the meal plan and exercise recommendation from the BodyKey App coupled with the InBodyBand, it just makes it easier to manage my weight! BodyKey has truly unlocked a new me.”

Before I started on my BodyKey by NUTRILITE Weight Management Programme, I was 84 kg and had no confidence or determination to embark on a weight-loss journey. I never believed I could do it until now. I’m so amazed at my transformation with BodyKey and I now weigh 77 Kg!

My journey started on 7 April 2015 when the BodyKey committee team chose me as one of the panelists. I was guided to have a better understanding of the programme and was given an introduction to both the programme and the InBodyBAND.

I completed the BodyKey Personalised Assessment which also took into account six lifestyle areas that impact weight management.  Based on my assessment results, I got to know that I should have a low-fat eating plan. It also showed me my other weight management barriers including low levels of structured activity, high level of stress, my sleep duration is ample but sleep quality is light, as well as the fact that my overall meal habits need to be improved

I still can recall that my eating habits leaned more to processed foods and fast food. My favorite foods are fried rice and Wanton mee. I used to eat heavy meals late at night after meetings. This is one of the factors that caused me to gain weight.

However, after I committed to the BodyKey programme, I promised myself to eat healthily and be physically active. I started to take the BodyKey by NUTRILITE Meal Replacement Shakes as guided by the BodyKey App and was also keeping track of my total daily calorie intake. I love both the Coffee and Vanilla flavours which the BodyKey Meal Replacement offers. I started to cut down on unhealthy fatty food and foods high in carbohydrates and took more fruits and vegetables.

I started a basic workout regime as guided by the exercise videos found in the BodyKey App. At the beginning, I committed to walk 10,000 steps every day. As the saying goes, “No Pain No Gain”, now I can even complete 20,000 steps in a total of two and a half hours daily – something which I have never achieved before. Other than this, I have gradually increased my structured exercise, working out with an exer-biker to burn an additional of 300 calories per day. Initially it was very tough for me; my legs cramped and went numb, and my whole body was in pain the next day.

The InBodyBAND tracks my step count and calories burnt every day. It’s my motivator and guide throughout my weight-management journey. I have committed to achieve my daily activities goal set in the Bodykey App. The app also keeps reminding me to move forward and complete my goals. It is fun to have the ranking and achievement feature in the BodyKey App as I really enjoyed the friendly competition with other panelists.

BodyKey has truly unlocked a new me. Thank you.

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